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fromeFrome Town Council is a ‘parish authority’ for the town of Frome.Frome Town Council Offices.

Frome Town Council is made up of 17 Councillors, who meet regularly to make decisions on the work and direction of the Council Staff.

The Council as a whole is responsible to the people it represents.

Frome Town Council
5 Palmer Street
BA11 1DS

What does the Council do?

  • Maintain parks and open spaces
  • Promote and support renewable energy and recycling
  • Provide community support to groups and charities
  • Provide community grants
  • Lead community projects
  • Work with other Council authorities in the area to help Keep Frome Clean
  • Partner with local organisations to host events for the town to enjoy
  • Work with local businesses to improve regeneration and economic growth in the town
  • Make recommendations to the local planning authority as a voice of the people of Frome
  • Campaign for the wellbeing of Frome residents
  • Work towards making Frome an independent and more environmentally- sustainable town
  • Provide Information to members of the public

There are two other Councils that provide services to Frome and surrounding areas:

Somerset County Council which covers the whole of Somerset. Frome is its most northern town. Somerset has responsibility for roads, schools and social care amongst other things.

Mendip District Council is one of 5 District Councils in Somerset and Frome is on it’s north easterly edge. Mendip District Council is the planning authority, it keeps the streets clean and is responsible for refuse collection.

Visit the Frome Town Council Website –

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